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How to Keep Your Garden in Great Shape

Keeping your garden in tip-top shape can be a difficult task, even if you only have a small garden. Therefore, to make life easier we are going to list several tips which can make taking care of your garden and making it look as good as possible as easy as possible.

Before You Buy

Keeping your garden healthy and looking as good as possible all begins with carefully examining the plants before you buy. It is necessary; therefore, to know what a healthy plant looks like that won’t spread disease. It’s a good idea to view photos in magazines, books and online so you know what to look out for.


We all know how important soil is and how plants need healthy soil to grow optimally. Therefore, what we recommend doing is to turn your soil once a month by using a spade. This has the benefit of keeping it light and loose.

Garden Tools

There is no two ways about this, if you are serious about keeping your garden in excellent condition then don’t skimp on the garden tools. High quality lawn mowers, spades, tillers, rakes, wheelbarrows etc. are invaluable.


Considering plants will eventually die without moisture, and many plants are made up of over 90% of water, make sure you water your plants every day. Our top tip is to water your plants first thing in the morning as it is less likely that the water will be lost through evaporation.

Make Enough Space

Surprisingly, an often overlooked criterion for planting is how much space there is for growth. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of placing too many plants within close proximity of each other, as the sunlight, nutrients and moisture will all get shared.


If you are looking to grow your own vegetables then it’s very important that they are planted where they can receive the most sunlight. Of course, space, soil, clipping and watering are all important as well.


Slugs overtaking your garden has happened to most of us at one time or another. A little known but very effective tip is to use beer to get rid of the slugs. Funnily enough, slugs are attracted to the smell, so your best bet is to fill a container with beer and place it in the soil overnight.


Weeds growing in your garden can lead to less water and food going to your plants. You should be on the lookout for unwanted growth and apply herbicide to keep weeds at a minimum.

Trim at the Right Time

It’s very tempting to only work on your garden when it’s nice outside; however, trimming dead plants and trees is certainly necessary. We suggest carrying out this task in late winter, as it prevents disease spreading to new growth.

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